English menu

English menu

for Restaurant Komfur

Changes for the seasons.

English Menu

On the following is it possible to see the current english menu for the restaurant.

Do you have questions about allergens, please contact the staff upon arrival.

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From 18/5 to 23/6 2020

18/5 to 23/6 2020


“The Classic” – G&T Komfur style with homemade gin 65,-
Today’s apéritif – Made after today’s weather and the waiter’s mood incl. snacks 60,-
Sparkling – Cava Brut Reserva | Segura Viudas S.A. | Peñedes | Spanien – incl. snacks 90,-
Champagne – NV Brut | Duval-Leroy | Champagne | Frankrig – incl. snacks 110,-


Komfuret’s foamy fish soup
fish soufflé | cauliflower | a stream of herbs

Poach white asparagus
ramson hollandiase | herbs

Rimmed cod (Can be made vegetarian)
pickled red onion | confit mushroom | mushroom mayo

Komfurets Fish and chips
herb salat | pies | vinegar

Fried Foie Gras (add 50 DKK)
Gastrique | brioche | compote

Slices of spiced veal
appels | bacon mayo | almonds | curry pesto


Today’s white fish, served as roasted and as ravioli
mussels | Komfuret’s fishsauce | olive-orange salat

Chicken Danois (Can be made vegetarian)
rubab compote | pickled cucumber | salat with lemon vinaigrette | chicken Jus

Roasted veal (add 30 DKK)
fried polenta with brisket of veal |pickled onion | veal jus with ramson

Roasted tritip of lamb & braised cheeks of lamb
grilled pointed cabbage in “mormor” dressing | spring onion | sauce charon

Steak Bearnaise (add 70 DKK.)
Steak of beef tenderloin | pommes frites
Komfur’s green salad | sauce bearnaise
– add fried foie gras 50 DKK.

Extras for the main course

Salat with lemon vinaigrette 30 DKK
Grilled pointed cabbage with “mormor” dressing 25 DKK
Fried foie gras 50 DKK


3 kinds | olives | apricot compote
5 kinds | olives | apricot compote (add. 40,-)
8 kinds | olives | apricot compote (add. 70,-)


Rubab-ice creme
Carmel | banana bread | syrup on passionfruit

Molten chocolate cake
Passionfruit-ice creme | syrup on passionfruit


1 course DKK. 200,- | 2 courses DKK. 280,-
3 courses DKK. 350,- | 4 courses DKK. 390,-

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About Komfur


Restaurant Komfur

Nice Restaurant in Aarhus C.

About Us

At Restaurant Komfur there are 3 core values that are important to everything we do: crafts, fun and energy! These are the values that motivate us to get up in the morning, gives us the desire to challenge and make sure that our guests have a good experience when they visit us.

We create a fun environment because we are fun people who loves our job. Craftmanship is what we do every single day. It may look easy, but thats because we have years and years of practice! Without energy, the restaurant would simply not exist the way it does now – But none the less it’s very hard work. We sincerly hope that you, our dear guests, will enjoy the visit.

Our english menu is simple. It consists of 5 starters, 5 main courses, cheese and 2 desserts.

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Phone +45 8612 3390

We are pleased to give you a good experience!

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Restaurant Komfur
Guldsmedgade 38-40
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Tlf.: +45 8612 3390
Email: info@restaurantkomfur.dk
CVR/SE nr.: DK 33381549
EAN-location nr:  5790002191800

Bank info

Jyske Bank
Reg. nr.: 6262
Kontonr.: 1207315
IBAN-nummer: DK8962620001207315
BIC-kode/SWIFT-address: JYBADKKK

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