English menu

English menu

for Restaurant Komfur

Changes for the seasons.

English Menu

On the following is it possible to see the current english menu for the restaurant.

Do you have questions about allergens, please contact the staff upon arrival.

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4/1 - 22/4 2024

4/1 – 22/4 2024


“The Classic” – G&T Komfur style with homemade gin 75,-
Today’s apéritif – Made after today’s weather and the waiter’s mood incl. snacks 70,-
Sparkling – Cava Brut Reserva | Segura Viudas S.A. | Peñedes | Spanien – incl. snacks 100,-
Champagne – NV Brut | Duval-Leroy | Champagne | Frankrig – incl. snacks 120,-


Foamy fish soup
baked white fish | chive oil | a stream of herbs

Mosaic of white fish with parsley
artichoke cream | marinated green apples | pickled kohl rabi

“Carpaccio” of beets (vegetarian)
beet root meringue | feta cream | roasted hazelnuts

Fried scallops (add. 60 DKK)
dill | herbs | fumet of mussel

Slices of Komfur’s spice-roasted veal
olives | pears marinated in mustard | sauce gribiche


White fish én Papillote
parmesan crumble | grilled lemon | fennel

Ballotine of Danish chicken
carrots as puré and grilled | grilled Toscan kale | sauce diablé

Roast of veal ad rillette of veal breast (add. 50 DKK)
Glazed celeriac | Jerusalem artichokes | thyme sauce

Steak Béarnaise (add. 110 DKK)
tenderloin steak | french fries | sauce Béarnaise | salad of pointed cabbage with pumpkin seeds & vinaigrette.

Pork cheeks braised in apple cider
Compote of onions with apples | glazed parsley root | gravy

(Potatoes of the day are served with all main courses)

Extras for the main course

Salad of pointed cabbage
with roasted pumpkin seeds and vinaigrette 40 DKK
French fries 40 DKK


1 course 240 DKK | 2 courses 330 DKK
3 courses 400 DKK | 4 courses 445 DKK


3 kinds | olives | compote
5 kinds | olives | compote (add. 50,-)


Mille feuille
caramelized white chocolate mousse | passion fruit as gel and sorbet

mascarpone | marsala | coffee

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